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"If you want to escape the lowest point in your life, try to love. Luck, like a jackpot, may come and find you.” - Heo Youngdal

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My YunJae-feelings

I have too much of them


Bbuing Bbuing

I honestly wouldn’t mind it if DBSK members start shouting and talking to each other via news outlet or interviews. 

wiping down their sexy windows

In this fandom where tears of sadness and frustrations are usually shed, once in a while, happy tears will once again find a way to your cheeks and that is when you remember that you still have faith. 

김재중 (proof that 3 letters are enough to reanimate the dead) ←

The last two days had to be one of the most emotionally positive day for the Cassiopeia fandom.
Like a rare few albums in 2014, JYJ’s comeback falls outside the small bubble of what most consider “K-pop” into the coveted realm of just beautifully rendered music.
Review of Just Us by Camiele on Seoulbeats